Theron Noir

Theron Noir is a dedicated, veteran Witch Hunter who has been practicing in slaying witches and users of black magic in "the name of god". It doesn't matter if they are a good or bad witch as he'll find and slaughter them.

This caused some drama when Theron heard that Mikes community have two witches: Bern and Lambda there. He decided to go and slaughter them only to be stopped by Mike, who accidentally hit him with his truck.

After he got back up he went to find and try and kill both Bern and Lambda. He found Bern and tried to kill her but due to Alan Beast seeing Theron as an obstacle wanting to kill his rival, he attacked Theron, resulting in an epic battle between boxer and witch hunter.

In the end Alan Beast won. Theron swore revenge that he'll go to Mikes community and "purge the evil witches residing there" and ran off. Mike just remarked how he looked like a bad cosplayer.

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