Albert at his computer

Not Fat Albert

Once upon a time there was a user whose real name was Albert, and he stumbled onto Mike's streams thinking he'd found a pretty cool streamer. He commented a few times, all of which were ignored, but he was happy nonetheless since the stream was funny... Until someone mentioned Albert. He didn't know what the RUC was or who Fat Albert was, so all the people insulting Albert and calling him fat and a shiteater was all, he felt, directed at him somehow, and so he thought if everyone hated him, he'd hate everyone... Except not really.

He's not as mean as Fat Albert or even hateful at all. In fact, he's a pretty nice guy who enjoys stargazing, botany and playing the guitar aside from enjoying video games. He doesn't really even do anything against Mike and the fellow streamers except mention in online communities that the streams are boring and full of hateful mean spirited people.

It is speculated that he now is eating a cheeseburger, but all research into the matter has turned up inconclusive.