The Man Known as Bill

The Man Known as Bill or simply "Bill" is a self proclaimed "Dark God" who wants to produce "Anarchy" across the world. He always has his body in a half shadow to produce his more "evil feeling".

Whenever says his full name dramatic music plays with lightning in the background.

He decided to go after Mike and friends so he can show them he is a "Dark God". He sabotaged Mikes truck and spray painted the word "Dark God" on it. He also began to summon meteors to try and startle everyone.

Realizing that no one cares about him he attempted to attack Mike. He was fighting Mike and others until...


A while ago, the Radioactive Uber Clan was planning to destroy Mike and the rest of the "demons" with a lot of random, broken parts they found, including a few electric rods.

While Bill was fighting Mike and friends, the RUC somehow managed to get a plane and both Popeye and Albert and they jumped out of it.

Popeye landed hard on a boulder and Albert fell on top of Bill, breaking his neck. This however, didn't kill Bill. Instead his neck was in a rather painful position. The electric rod is also stuck on his head.

When Popeye asked who he was, Bill introduced himself. Popeye then said his full name "The Man Known as Bill" which prompted dramatic music to be played and lightning to strike. However the lightning struck him, Albert, and Bill. All three got electrocuted but Bill got electrocuted so bad he was nothing but a charred skeleton in a silly position. Even while he was dying he still called himself a "Dark God".

Bills charred skeleton is now in Popeyes closet.