The Man

The Man is one of the most mysterious and perhaps most dangerous of all the villains and trolls. He is the living personification of evil and destruction who wants to utterly erase reality and give every single living person regarding if its Mike, his regulars, Trolls, Villains, or the RUC a very torturous death.

He was once a normal human who was working on a magic spell to cure World Hunger when it backfired and erased him from the Mortal World. He however, ascended beyond immortality and in turn absorbed a lot of evil making him the way he is.

He wants to influence anyone to do actions that may bring him back in a physical body to destroy the world. He almost succeeded when he invaded Alberts hallucinations and told him to find "a demon to use as a vessel". The Man was gloating how he'll finally destroy the world when Felix the Cat came out of nowhere and slit the bodies throat, bringing The Man back to his realm thinking that the "body was an demonic demon who wanted to hellrape babies". This resulted in The Man refusing to use the RUC directly for help.

He seems to harbor a strong hatred for Mike and friends for some reason.

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