Pedohunters chasing after a kids mother, seeing her as a "Pedophile".

Pedo Hunters are a group of self proclaimed "Bounty hunters" or whatnot who live in a very narrow minded bubble, believing they are going after pedophiles... in areas that don't need their help due to no actual pedophiles.

They try to find pedophilia in stuff that isn't there, even going as far as chasing down people who aren't pedophiles but are just kind to kids(Grandmothers, School teachers, parents, sometimes OTHER KIDS) and are willing to harm them in their delusional witch hunts. What makes it worse is that whenever there are actual pedophiles in the area, they ignore them and chase after other people right next to them.

Posting images of anime is enough to warrant them going after you due to their belief that any image of anime is pedophilia or encourages pedophilia(Even going as far as chasing down some guy who had a shirt with Jotaro Kujo from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure on it who is the sheer opposite of what they view Anime as).

They usually accuse people in Mikes chat about being pedophiles... sometimes Mike himself just by association of anime fans. They get a swift ban though. (Then they start bitching about freedom of speech afterwards and how the "truth" is being censored).