"You are my fucking fans, not guides. Shut the fuck up and bend your ass over"- Mr. Rubs.

Mr. Rubs is one of the many "Partners" who work for Twitch. Despite the money he gets and the fame he gets, he us well... for lack of a better term a "douchebag".

He would scream at his fans, usually calling them "fucking shits" for doing something as trivial as mentioning food he doesn't like and he would send an admin to ban something who simply annoys him mildly.

He also likes to show off his chesthair...ugh. He also likes to punch his own wall in anger, leaving holes.

Twitch supports him because they get money off of him and he's one of the many partners who participate in the "League".

One time he got away with murder in front of his own fans and Twitch didn't bother... while they banned a kid for playing copyright music in his MP3 Player who was nearby.

He usually likes to barge into random homes and settlements and use his "Partnership" as a means to treat everyone (including the head of the house and Settlement leader) as peasants, and he leaves a mess.