The most frightening Voodoo Priest comes to you Mikennemonic02:23

The most frightening Voodoo Priest comes to you Mikennemonic

'Do'c Shock is a self-proclaimed voodoo priest who revealed himself on April 11, 2015. He seems to have a high arsenal of voodoo magic at his disposal, of which he wants to use Mike and the chat as guinea pigs for.

He's possibly a necromancer too, considering he boasts about his zombie army that he will send after the chat should they fight back.

Unlike the RUC, he's not all that delusional and is quite honest with himself; he doesn't pretend he's a goody goody hero who's killing Mike to save the world, he's a crazy voodoo priest who wants to turn people into animals, and proud of it. (He even has expressed contempt for the RUC, proclaiming them to be less than cockroaches). Oh, and he's got a catchy theme.

He's also a fan of cigars.


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