Deryl also known as "Douchebag Deryl" is for a lack of a better term, a stereotypical douche.

He gloats about getting laid with tons of girls, always rubs his expensive sports car into peoples faces, plays music at extremely loud volume(enough to cause an Earthquake), and he never removes his sunglasses for any reason whatsoever. He also gloats about working out at the gym and always uses the word "Swag" whenever he can.

He walked into Ambush Bugs house one time and began to freeload in there. He tripped on the ground and broke his leg and he began to flip out, thinking AB was trying to kill him which annoyed Ambush Bug. It got so bad that AB had to get Jebidiah to beat him out of his house.

Lately reports have stated sightings of him posing as a user in the chat. It is unclear who though.