Copyright symbol 9

Their logo, which is found on their helmets, badges, buildings, and what-not.

The Copyright Crusaders are a group of self-proclaimed warriors of law, order, and justice. Their goal is to locate and eliminate anyone they perceive to be violating copyright laws. They are not to be mistaken for the Copyright Police, which are the official forces of various companies and folks for maintaining their own copyright laws, and wear their company's logo rather than the © logo the Crusaders wear. However, they are heavily endorsed and supported by these companies due to their stance for extreme copyright laws.


The Crusaders often have their priorities mixed up. For example, if there was someone singing Happy Birthday in public (which is a copyrighted song), and a person standing on the streets selling illegally pirated DVDs, the Crusaders will attack the person singing Happy Birthday and ignore the pirate. Their methods for enforcing copyright laws can be described as brutal and unnecessarily violent. They have no qualms about gunning down an innocent for a very minor infringements, or even bombing an entire building filled with people. (They don't get reprimanded for any of this, and in fact, are rewarded for their efforts).

Besides just copyright laws, they are the lapdogs for megacorporations and will enforce any other bullshit law that they've been told to set, using the same brutal methods as before.


The Copyright Crusaders, surprisingly enough, didn't resort to violence as their first method for dealing with Mike. To them, Mike was another low-life mongrel who infringes upon the sacred and infallible copyright laws. Their first attempt to silence him and his followers was... well, to literally silence him, by convincing Twitch to input some bullshit muting system if they detect anything that could even be MISTAKEN for copyrighted content (even ambient noise, or even silence).

After some events, the Copyright Crusaders continued targetting Mike and followers to this day, this time, resorting to their usual violent methods. Remember kids! It's not Terrorism if they do it!

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