"Reality, is that a new game for the Xbox One?"- Cash Daft, 2015.

Cash Daft is a self-proclaimed "True" and "Hardcore" gamer who lives deep crevices of his mothers basement. He is also known as "ZeusWarriorDaftX" online. If you aren't playing games he likes or if you're playing games he dislikes(even mentioning games he dislikes or a word that it has in the title) will send him off on a nerd rage and call you a "fake gamer", a "casual" and that you're "killing the industry".

He tends to play MMO's and Counterstrike online but he plays other games. His basement home is full of nothing but empty pizza boxes, rotten old pizza, and Dr. pepper cans everywhere. He hasn't shaved or bathed in 15 years.

He tends to try to push his "True Gamer" agenda to the chat much to their annoyance. He also gets so angry that he grabs his plastic replica of the Master Sword and declare war on the streams which end in hilarity.

Also he is so delusional that he thinks "Real Life" is just some server and "Reality" is a new video game coming.