Buck is a crazy homeless man who wears a mask based off a crazy homeless man(I.E. him). He usually stalks around peoples houses and tries to take them for himself.

One day he found Mikes house and broke into it several times. Mike shooed him out but a day later he came back in. Mike shooed him out again which caused Buck to laugh maniacally and slap Mike in the face before running off.

He somehow convinced Twitch to try and evict Mike out of his house. In three days Mike was going to get kicked out while Buck was gonna claim it as "his" house. Mike did leave but not because of Buck, but in favor of Hitbox.

While Mike went to Hitbox, Buck took his house. For a long while he was trashing it However after Hitbox gave Mike the Axe after showing "non-gaming content", Mike moved out of his Hitbox house and back to his old house. Buck defended "his" home until Cocaine came and beat Buck up.

Now Buck continues stalking Mike and his house and frequently tries to get inside to no avail. He has been getting crazier and crazier as well as more violent every time he is away from "his" house.